Which accreditation is right for you?

For plant machinery, lifting or material handling equipment and other construction related training courses, Didac Ltd offer NPORS and / or ITSSAR accredited training.

Both NPORS and ITSSAR are founding members of the Accrediting Bodies Assocation (ABA) which was founded in 2012 to improve standards and consistency across the various accreditations available.

NOTE: Didac do not offer CPCS accredited training. Any reference to CPCS is for informational purposes only to assist operatives in understanding the various accreditations available and make informed purchasing decisions.

NPORS - National Plant Operators Registration Scheme

NPORS is, generally speaking, more widely recognised and accepted than ITSSAR in the following industry sectors:

  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering
  • Demolition
  • Rail


ITSSAR – The Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register

ITSSAR can be a more cost effective training option than NPORS.

In most other industry sectors, ITSSAR is a widely recognised and accepted training accreditation scheme. Examples include:

  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Environmental & Waste
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine Services
  • Steel

Generally speaking, if you or your organisation are the absolute authority on health and safety for your employees, then ITSSAR is a good option for you.


CPCS - Construction Plant Competence Scheme

NOTE: Didac do not offer CPCS accredited training. This is for informational purposes only.

In the construction industry, CPCS is the most widely recognised and accepted qualification for plant operator and other construction related training.

Operatives will, generally speaking, have greater ease of access to site and find more job opportunities available to them within the construction industry if they hold a CPCS qualification.

It is not a legal requirement for an operative to hold a CPCS qualification to work in construction, however for some companies it is company policy; this is a decision that the company is perfectly entitled to make.

The use of a single card system as part of a health and safety management system can help maintain consistency across operator skills and improve health and safety for all workers.

ITSSAR and NPORS are accepted by many companies in the construction industry, but not all of them. ITSSAR and NPORS meet all legal requirements for training, delivering the same basic skills as CPCS and can be a more cost effective training option than CPCS.

Didac always advise any operative or contractor who is being asked to source training, to clarify specifically which accreditation they are required to hold or which accreditations the site will accept.