Myth buster.. NPORS not being accepted on site

A good number of the enquiries we receive specifically ask us for CPCS training, when we explain that we don’t offer CPCS but do offer an acceptable alternative in the CSCS logo NPORS cards we are often told that their site wont accept NPORS and it has to be CPCS. This should not be the case and an NPORS card should be acceptable to any site regardless if its a Build UK site or not.

We have experienced this problem after a client was turned away from a major contractors site with one of our NPORS issued cards. They called us up naturally concerned and more than a little peeved after we had told them that the card would be acceptable at the site. This was quickly resolved after I called the site and emailed them the clarification issued by their own company (which the site manager had not been aware of). Following this the operator’s card was accepted with no further issues!

Because of this ongoing problem NPORS and CSCS have attempted to clarify the situation and have recently issued statements to make it clear for all parties involved, the CSCS and NPORS statements are linked for you below…

We at Didac can offer the CSCS logo cards should they be required providing certain criteria is met, please contact us for further details…

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