Meet the Trainer – David

When did you first become an instructor and how did it happen?

I was working as a driver in the year 2000 and I saw a gap that was costing my company at the time a small fortune in getting in external training for forklifts, I suggested that I attend the course and as a result managed to save the company a considerable amount of money!


What is the best part of the job?

The people that I meet doing the job is without doubt the biggest draw for me, they never fail to surprise and always bring something different to the table, be it from an educational, ethnicity, employment, hobby or just general life experience perspective.

I also love the fact that I have a great support network behind me, should any issues arise (which occasionally they do) they are dealt with in a calm and professional manner which often helps more than is realised. There is always a listening ear with a calm voice to help even with non-work-related items. That is a real and often not heard about bonus.


What is the worst part of the job?

Travelling to London and returning along the M4 corridor on a Monday Morning or a Friday afternoon, it can be a total nightmare. Also it does frustrate me at times when candidates can’t make the effort to help themselves during the training and don’t put the full effort into the course.


Most memorable jobs, (location equipment, people etc)

Anything with history generally but Hurst Castle and Ashridge House stand out, not only for the beautiful venues but great people that I met and trained giving them skills and knowledge that will benefit their future work life.


Furthest distance travelled to conduct training (either with us or another company)

Scotland, although I’m scheduled to spend a week in Guernsey in the new year.


Favourite equipment to train on?

Counterbalance Forklifts.


Tell us something interesting about yourself that we may not already know…..

I collect rare American soul records from the 1960’s and 70’s.

I have also met a few famous people i.e.

The Von Donnesmark family (Descendants of the last German Royal Family)

Dick Emery, Giles Brandreth, Robert Mitcham, Lenny Henry, Noel Edmunds, Sally Green and Mike Smith. The Shadows, Duke of Beaufort (ask your parents)

Samantha Fox once slapped me on the cheek!

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