Chainsaw – Maintenance and Crosscut

Chainsaw training with Didac delivers practical skills and theoretical knowledge allowing candidates to operate in compliance with HSE requirements.

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Training Delivery
On-Site (Nationwide)
Training Centre
Courses Available
Maintenance and Cross Cutting (Groundwork Only)
Tree Felling / Tree Surgey
Training is available to
Duration, Learners and Assessment
Training Duration 1 Day
Learners 4 Maximum
Theory Assessment
Practical Assessment
Course Handout
Training Manual and User Guidance
Certification Fees (Per Person)
Certificate Free
Photo ID Card (750gsm) Free
Photo ID Card & Certificate £7.50 + VAT £7.50 + VAT
HSE Compliance
PUWER 1998 Read more
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 Read more
The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Read more

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    Chainsaw training prices and availability are dependent upon location as training is delivered on clients' premises.

    To receive a quotation, complete the Get-A-Quote form including a postcode and our sales staff will contact you with full details.

    0800 773 4230

    Training Syllabus

    Training syllabus

    NOTE: this training does not include tree felling, only basic cross cutting for groundwork.

    • Basic Safety
    • Responsibilities (Employer and Employee)
    • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
    • Pre Use Inspection and Checks
    • Basic Maintenance and Servicing
    • General Operating
    • Cutting Practices & Techniques (Cross Cut operations only)
    • Pack Cutting (if applicable)

    Additional benefits

    • Incorporate your company’s risk assessments
    • Soft copies of all course paperwork are available to employers on completion of training
    • Successful candidates receive a temporary pass notification form on the day as evidence of training

    Personal protective equipment (PPE)

    Personal protective equipment (PPE)

    The client is responsible for supplying all equipment and PPE.

    Safety Helmet. Footwear. Gloves.
    Forestry helmet combined unit only, incorporating safety helmet, ear protection and face mesh. Chainsaw boots which are resistant to chain penetration, safety boots and gaiters are allowable for occasional users. Chainsaw mitts, offering protection on the back of the left hand, chainsaw gloves are allowed for occasional users.
    Lower Body. Upper Body. Face Mask.
    Chainsaw trousers with ballistic filling to the front are a minimum requirement; all round ballistic protection is preferred. Where occasional and multi users use the same PPE, chainsaw leggings and braces / belts are allowed. Chainsaw jacket with selected areas being in ballistic material is preferred, however close fitting upper body clothing is acceptable for occasional users. When operating in dusty conditions an appropriate facemask must be used.

    Equipment Information

    Equipment Information

    Chainsaw training is available across the majority of makes and models of chainsaw including but not limited to the following.

    NOTE: If you do not see the equipment for which you require training this does not mean that our trainers / assessors are not qualified to deliver the training you need.

    Chainsaw Types. Makes & Models.
    Petrol Engine

    Course Description

    Course description

    Chainsaw training candidates receive instruction on planning and preparation for any cross cut operation, prior to starting the saw. Candidates learn to familiarise themselves with equipment, making use of manufacturer issued instructions. Chainsaw qualifications teach learners to identify unsafe and faulty equipment and procedures to ensure repairs to equipment are made.

    Candidates on chainsaw courses should become accustomed to the nature of Chainsaws, learning about the engine and its running temperature, brake functions, throttle and cut off mechanisms for optimum chainsaw safety. Candidates learn chainsaw techniques for up and down cutting for optimised efficiency and quality of the cut. Pack cutting can be included in chainsaw training courses if it is required by the employer.

    Crosscut chainsaw operations create an obvious risk and hazard to a working environment. Chainsaw certification should be undertaken as part of every employer’s responsibility to provide proper instruction and information to ensure the health and safety of employees while at work.

    Training Locations

    On-site Chainsaw training, UK wide

    Didac deliver on-site Chainsaw training and other training courses to any location across the UK.

    Some recent on-site training locations include:

    • Brighton
    • Bristol
    • Cardiff
    • Coventry
    • Derby
    • Dorset
    • Gloucester
    • Hampshire
    • Kent
    • Leicester
    • Lincoln
    • London
    • Newport
    • Nottingham
    • Portsmouth
    • Sheffield
    • Southampton
    • Surrey
    • Sussex
    • Swindon
    • Yorkshire

    Overseas Work

    Didac will always consider work overseas.

    Contact us about our overseas work policy.

    Frequently asked questions

    Does this Chainsaw course cover tree felling?
    No, this training is for crosscut groundwork only i.e. materials that have already been felled.

    If you are felling trees or shrubs of any size, you should investigate a tree surgery course. Unfortunately Didac are not able to offer such a course at this time.

    Can this course be completed using an Electric Chainsaw, or only Petrol?
    Chainsaw training courses can be completed using petrol engine or electric chainsaws.

    If you are using an electric powered chainsaw, our Instructors will address issues unique to the use of electric powered chainsaws i.e. power cables.

    Do I receive a Chainsaw licence when I complete this training?
    There is no such thing as a chainsaw license for operating a chainsaw.The term ‘licence’ suggests a document issued from a governmental or other constituted authority to operate a chainsaw. No such authority exists; there are only accrediting bodies and training providers who operate independently of the HSE or any other government organisation.

    Successful candidates do receive a chainsaw certificate, sometimes referred to as a chainsaw ticket; this provides evidence that the candidate has completed a chainsaw safety course and is certified to use the equipment as outlined on the certification.


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    Dixcey Landscapes

    Excellent service and value for money. They travelled all the way down to the Isle of Wight for us to provide on site training. Very pleased we found you on the internet. We will certainly be using Didac for any future training required.

    Richard Dixcey Isle of Wight