COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

COSHH training achieves a Level 2 Award in the Principles of COSHH.
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Course Handout
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HSE Regulation Compliance
COSHH 2002 Read more
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    COSHH training prices and availability are dependent upon location as training is delivered on clients' premises.

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    Training Syllabus

    Training syllabus

    • Definition and types of substances hazardous to health in the workplace
    • Health effects of hazardous substances and their causes
    • COSHH assessments and control options
    • Responsibilities imposed by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations

    Learning outcomes

    • Identify the hazards associated with those substances
    • Identify the risks and controls available to deal with the substances
    • Identify what to expect from a COSHH assessment

    Additional benefits

    • Incorporate your company’s risk assessments

    Who should complete this training

    Who should complete this training

    The industry sectors below are just some examples of industries affected by COSHH regulations. From the HSE website:

    • Agriculture -  dusts, chemicals, diseases, toxic gases.
    • Baking -  dusts, enzymes, flavour concentrates, cleaning products.
    • Beauty - products that cause skin irritation, allergies and asthma, acrylic fumes.
    • Catering - products that cause dermatitis,skin allergies, asthma, fumes.
    • Cleaning - products that cause dermatitis, allergies and asthma, corrosive products.
    • Engineering - dusts, fumes, chemicals, germs in metalworking fluids.
    • Hairdressing - products that cause dermatitis, allergies, asthma.
    • Offshore oil and gas
    • Printing - products that can cause dermatitis,skin allergies and asthma, corrosive products, solvent vapours, ingredients that can cause damage to internal organs over a long period of time.
    • Motor vehicle repair - paints, fuels, brake fluid, lubricants, degreasing fluids, cleaning products, welding and cutting fumes, dusts, battery acid.
    • Welding - fumes, dust, chemicals, work in confined spaces, inert gases.
    • Woodworking - dusts, adhesives, paints, stripping fluids, lubricants, disinfectants to treat water systems.

    Course Description

    Course description

    The COSHH course identifies risks presented by different substances. COSHH training candidates learn about dangerous chemical types including corrosive / acidic, flammable or explosive substances. Absorption through skin and inhalation of air born chemicals are risks that can potentially go unnoticed by an untrained employee. Training on how hazardous chemicals infiltrate and affect the human body will allow individuals to identify a hazard, make an informed decision and achieve greater control of dangerous substances through their own heightened awareness.

    Candidates on the COSHH training course will gain an understanding of current legislation for the control of hazardous materials, legal obligations for storage and handling to protect employees and maintain a safe working environment.

    COSHH training course candidates will not handle any substances during training but learn the principles of basic handling techniques and control options to a Level 2 standard to include proper storage, the use of protective clothing and restricted access for controlled substances hazardous to health. The COSHH course outlines what to expect from a COSHH assessment and prepares employees to contribute to the safer use of hazardous substances in their workplace.

    Training Locations

    On-site COSHH training, UK wide

    Didac deliver on-site COSHH training and other plant courses to any location across the UK.

    Some recent on-site training locations include:

    • Brighton
    • Bristol
    • Cardiff
    • Coventry
    • Derby
    • Dorset
    • Gloucester
    • Hampshire
    • Kent
    • Leicester
    • Lincoln
    • London
    • Newport
    • Nottingham
    • Portsmouth
    • Sheffield
    • Southampton
    • Surrey
    • Sussex
    • Swindon
    • Yorkshire

    Overseas Work

    Didac will always consider work overseas, including volatile regions and territories.

    Contact us about our overseas work policy.

    Frequently asked questions

    Can we include our company risk assessments in COSHH training?
    Yes, if you send your company risk assessments over to us prior to training then the trainer assessor will be able to include these in the training.
    We only encounter a limited range of hazardous substances in our workplace. Can we address just those which we encounter?
    The COSHH course focuses on types of hazardous substance i.e. dusts and fumes, as opposed to individual substances such as paints and brake fluids. This allows the knowledge of what a hazardous substance is or could be to extend beyond the examples drawn upon during training.

    However, if you notify Didac prior to training of the chemicals you use and their applications within your organisation, then the trainer assessor can tailor the course to include specific reference, advice and guidance for your staff.