Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Awareness course with Didac achieves a Didac Ltd qualification.
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Training Delivery
On-Site (Nationwide)
Training Centre
Training is available to
All Experience Levels
Duration, Learners and Assessment
Training Duration 0.5 Day
Learners 12 Maximum 12 Maximum
Theory Assessment
Practical Assessment
Certificate and Registration
Registration Fee (Per Learner) Free
HSE Regulation Compliance
Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 Read more
The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Read more

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    Asbestos Awareness training prices and availability are dependent upon location as training is delivered on clients' premises.

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    Training Syllabus

    Training syllabus

    • Legal Duties
    • Awareness of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations
    • Responsibilities
    • PPE Requirements
    • Asbestos Health Risks
    • Dealing with asbestos
    • Emergency procedures
    • Identification of different types of asbestos and their properties
    • Identification of where asbestos is commonly found
    • Practical systems of control for asbestos safety

    Who should complete this training

    Anyone at risk of coming into contact with asbestos while at work. Those particularly at risk include workers in:

    • Building, repair and maintenance of commercial and private properties
    • Demolition

    Additional benefits

    • Incorporate your company’s risk assessments

    Course Description

    Course description

    Asbestos is a category one human carcinogen and remains the single biggest cause of work related deaths in the UK, standing at approximately 4000 deaths each year.

    Asbestos Awareness training highlights the health risks presented by asbestos, in particular its implications for the respiratory system. Disease caused by exposure to asbestos in industrial processes or installation of asbestos products can take decades to develop before any symptoms can be observed.

    Asbestos Awareness courses enable candidates to keep themselves and those around them safe by early identification of an asbestos hazard. Asbestos Awareness training courses will not certify individuals to handle asbestos material or products; instead they will gain an understanding of proper procedure in the instance that asbestos is found so that the hazard can be controlled and removed.

    Asbestos Awareness training should be undertaken by those responsible for the building, repair and maintenance of commercial and private properties to reduce over time the impact on health of this evidently hazardous substance.

    Completion of an Asbestos Awareness course is a mandatory requirement on many working sites in the UK due to the high volume of asbestos that was used in construction up until 1999 when the hazardous material was banned.

    Training Locations

    On-site Asbestos Awareness training, UK wide

    Didac deliver on-site Asbestos Awareness training and other training courses to any location across the UK.

    Some recent on-site training locations include:

    • Brighton
    • Bristol
    • Cardiff
    • Coventry
    • Derby
    • Dorset
    • Gloucester
    • Hampshire
    • Kent
    • Leicester
    • Lincoln
    • London
    • Newport
    • Nottingham
    • Portsmouth
    • Sheffield
    • Southampton
    • Surrey
    • Sussex
    • Swindon
    • Yorkshire

    Overseas Work

    Didac will always consider work overseas, including volatile regions and territories.

    Contact us about our overseas work policy.